The purpose of this website is to improve the ability of constituents to self-govern themselves. The current main model of governance is indirect democracy, namely where a restricted number of representatives (presidents, senators) are elected to represent your interests in the bodies that make decisions.

However, these representatives know little about what you, the constituency, really want. They are fallible to manipulated response rates by special interest groups. They may serve us better if they can reliably know what we want.

And as a last, but not least motivation, we ourselves do not know whether our ideas are minoritary, or are supported by the majority without anybody realizing it. This site can help people provide each other with explanations of each other's positions. Hopefully we will do this with respect, love and kindness. And, hopefully, it will help us understand each other better.

"Debate...Decide!" is an opportunity. Use it wisely, for the benefit of your organization, and for the benefit of humanity!

May we walk in the path of the One who strove to serve the others.

This system was first launched in March 2003. The registration system of the original version was not fully automated, and required active involvement from the site manager for verifying each registration. Due to lack of time, new registrations were blocked between spring 2004 and December 2008. The new version launched in 2008 delegates the task of registration validation to the organization members.

List of Contributors:

Code and/or Translations:

  • Hamad Ali Al Salem, FIT
  • Francisco Espinosa, Holmes Hospital
  • Roman Filipovich, FIT
  • Marc Horisberger, Plaire au Seigneur
  • Garcia Kleber, FIT
  • Venkatesh Ramamoorthy, FIT
  • Darius Silaghi, Kuftein
  • Liu Wei, FIT

Philosophical/Political Discussions and Suggestions:

  • Cem Kaner, FIT
  • Markus Zanker, Uni-KLA
  • Shlomo Zilberstein, UM-Amherst
Technical Suggestions:

  • Josiane Nzouonta, FIT/NJIT
  • Matthew Petterson, FIT/EA
  • Ryan Stansifer, FIT
Moral and Political Support:

  • Dr. J. Ronald Bailey, FIT/UTC
  • Dr. Bill Shoaff, FIT