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Privacy Guarantees on Debate...Decide!

Activity on any constituent assembly marked "Hidden Activity" with the icon Hidden ActivityActivity Hidden to Outsiders () can only be viewed by persons who obtain a membership certificate delivered by this organization. Your secret keys are stored only on your own computer, encrypted with the passwords that you select. They are never sent over the Internet. The history of your voting is stored on your computer, to help you verify the correct behavior of the system. This history may be stored on your own computer either encrypted or in plain text. Therefore you should keep the ".dnd" folder safe if you want to keep this history secret. For organizations or proposals requiring secret voting, the website will not display the relation between vote, comments and constituent names. However, to support the public verifiability of the results that we publish, a separate list of the people that voted will be made available (such that any external observer can check that the number of voters equals the number of votes/signatures). A random tag will allow you to verify that your vote was counted.

Constituent assemblies that hide their activity can allow you to write any statement. Legal bodies may request us to reveal content for anti-terrorist and anti-crime surveillance. Do not write any illegal statement in a publicly visible forum! In countries where the disclosure of authors of illegal statements is required, we will follow the law!