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#73: "SWE strong-theory-(weaker-practice) versus strong-practice-(weaker-theory) dimension"

"As you know, we are recruiting for a new faculty member in software
engineering. We have lots of choices. One of the ways that candidates differ
is on the strong-theory-(weaker-practice) versus
strong-practice-(weaker-theory) dimension.

Where do you think we need to go in our next hire, on this dimension or others? Vote ENDORSE for strong theory, OPPOSE for strong practice, and NEUTRAL if undecided."


Endorsements: 5 Abstentions: 0 Oppositions: 7
3As Computer Scientist, I do not have a strong oppinion for Software Engineering
1Practice/theory strength only refers to one's specialty, so it has no CS relevance
The practice/theory strength consideration of a faculty member refers only to his main research area. Whether a software engineer works on the theory or practice of software editing tools presents no ...
We have many faculty members which are very theory oriented and I feel it would be beneficial to hire someone who is more inclined to having stronger practice, as he or she will be able to teach stude...
1Experience - Strong Practise
I believe this is the way to go!...
1Stronger Practice
I believe we need another teacher with a strong practice background. I believe a lot of the teachers already employed are mainly theory and personally I learn better with practice....
1Although CS, should still have opinion about SE faculty
Being a Computer Scientist means that you could still be affected by the choices that are made for picking faculty, even if it's for Software Engineering. There have been professors here hired for SE...

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